Dezember 6, 2023

Experience the Metaverse: Neal Stephenson on Its Future Adoption

• Neal Stephenson, the creator of the term “metaverse”, believes that building experiences that millions of people consider worth having in virtual worlds is quite difficult and this is hindering the adoption process of metaverse tech.
• Stephenson stated that blockchain and metaverse have a natural relationship, enabling interconnection between the various worlds as part of a bigger world.
•The author also mentioned that to build a metaverse, there needs to be a decentralised network of interactions and financial transactions which can be accomplished through blockchain-based tools.


Neal Stephenson, the creator of the term ‚Metaverse‘, has shared his opinion about the future adoption of virtual worlds. He believes that building experiences for millions to consider worth having in virtual worlds is difficult, hampering its adoption process. He also highlighted how blockchain can help interconnect these various virtual worlds into one big world.

The Future Of Metaverse Adoption

Neal Stephenson believes that mainstream adoption of this tech might be very far away because creating experiences that millions find worth having is quite difficult. According to him, „the games industry is the economic engine and the technological engine“ behind any future metaverse – citing Doom as one example among many other games which kickstarted this era.

Blockchain And The Metaverse Relationship

Stephenson explained how blockchain and metaverse have a natural relationship where it enables interconnection between different virtual worlds as part of a bigger world. He went on to say that Lamina1 was created with an intention to lay down foundational layer for creation digital worlds which can be done in centralized way but data movement from one metaverse to another requires blockchains based tools for decentralization purposes.

Key Takeaways
– Neal Stephenson believes building experiences for millions worth having in virtual worlds is difficult hence hindering its adoption process
– The games industry has been identified as economic & technological engine behind any future metaverse development – Blockchain helps connect different virtual world into one via its decentralized network capabilities

Neal Stephenson’s insights into metaverse technology suggest it will take some time before it gains mainstream acceptance due to difficulty in creating such meaningful experiences for users. However, blockchain could potentially provide opportunities for interconnecting different virtual realms and enable smoother data movement from one world to another through its decentralized features.