Dezember 6, 2023

Brazilian enters Guinness after winning US$ 1 million bitcoin in poker tournament

After playing for 48 hours, Rafael Moraes wins online poker tournament and receives more than 100 Bitcoins

Rafael Moraes, one of the leading names in online poker, entered the Guinness Book of Records after winning an online poker competition and winning US$1,050,560 in bitcoin, according to information from the Super Poker website.

He actually made history by winning the biggest prize ever paid Bitcoin Revolution in cryptomoins (104.23 Bitcoins) in an online poker tournament. According to the Guinness Book, the „Venom“ tournament, held at the Americas CardRoom, was very disputed. It was 48 hours of play and at the end there were Moraes and seven other people left.

He was the only Brazilian competing against two players from the United States and six others from Canada, Hungary, Latvia, Germany and the Czech Republic. It was 5 hours and 6 minutes spent at the final table until the Brazilian player won the tournament and went down in history.

From the prize in Bitcoin to Guinness

Rafael Moraes‘ name is not yet in the Guinness Book of Records, but according to him in an interview broadcast by Super Poker Channel on Youtube, he was consulted for his name to appear on Guinness.

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„They asked if I could appear in my ‚real name‘ in the Guinness Book“.

The young millionaire prize winner commented that at the time, when the final table of „The Venom“ started, the bookmaker called all eight finalists and asked for Bitcoin’s wallet, as the champion was going to be paid with the cryptomeda. „After I jammed, a few seconds later, I was there, the Bitcoins in my wallet“.

He said that the prize had come in good time, but he was scared when he saw the Bitcoin variation. „The value of the coin was $10,200, but the next day it fell to $9,900. Make the bill there, $300 for 100 Bitcoins.

That, however, was just a scare passed by Moraes, who said he had recovered the previous value.