Dezember 6, 2023

ARB Token Airdrop: Anticipation Spurs IOU Markets for ARB Cryptocurrency

• Arbitrum announced the launch of its native token called ARB.
• IOU markets have launched giving some indication of how much the token may be worth.
• ARB claiming begins March 23 and when people get their coins on exchanges, the token’s value may turn out to be a whole lot different.

Arbitrum Launches Native Token „ARB“

The Ethereum layer two scaling solution Arbitrum recently announced the launch of its native token called ARB. In response to this news, several centralized cryptocurrency exchanges launched IOU markets that give an indication of what ARB may be worth when it officially launches on March 23.

IOU Markets Give Insight Into Potential Value Of ARB (CMC) shows ARB’s current value via exchanges that have launched IOU markets. According to CMC data, the current global trade volume in 24 hours is $8.7 million and prices range from $5.41 -$7.92 per unit over the past day, with an all-time high of $14.02 and an all-time low of $2.81 per unit reached earlier in the week.

ARN Airdrop Tools Ready To Go Live On March 23rd

The cryptocurrency analytics platform Dune Analytics has released several tracking tools to monitor real time data regarding total amount of claimed tokens, number of unique holders and any other allocation information related to the airdrop event set for March 23rd .

ARB’s Value May Shift Significantly After Tokens Start Trading

When claims begin, there is potential for drastic changes in market values as previously seen by all time highs and lows within just days after announcement date.. Currently Optimism’s governance token OP is trading for about $2.53 per unit with 314,844,141 OP in circulation which is lower than IOU prices for ARB now sitting at around $6.88 per coin before official launch date on march 23rd .


Although IOU markets are giving insight into potential values for ARB once it officially launches, there is still potential for drastic shifts once tokens start trading following claims scheduled to begin march 23rd .