Support to Forestry Education and Training in Kosova

A proposal for an intervention in forestry vocational education and training in Kosova

The Support to Forestry Education and Training in Kosova project is financed by the Swedish International Development Co-operation Agency (Sida). The project was initiated in April 2004 and is currently in an extension period which will terminate at the end of June 2008.

There are three main immediate objectives, or outputs, of the project:

• Upgraded skills of existing personnel of the counterpart organization as well as forest operators/entrepreneurs in the private forest sector

• Established higher and continuing education opportunities for BSc, MSc/Magister and specialization (forest technicians) levels at forest faculties and forest schools abroad and

• A vocational education and training strategy and structure capable of driving forest education and training in Kosova and the establishment of a sustainable domestic vocational education program on forest worker and forest technician levels;

The third project objective is being developed during the current extension period of the project. A draft intervention proposal of a forestry vocational education and training in Kosova will be finalized not later than 30th June 2008.

The intervention proposal in supporting forestry training and education in Kosova, is building upon the foundations of the Sida-funded project ‘Support to Forestry Education and Training in Kosova’. It was set up by a working group of stakeholders in the forestry and education sectors, with the facilitation support from project staff.

The Intervention proposal opens with a short overview of the Situation of Forestry in Kosova, including the main problems that affect the sector. The Intervention Rationale describes the way in which a forestry sector strengthened by the intervention would contribute to the overall development of the country.

The Overview of the Intervention finally explains the results to be achievedunder the intervention.


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