Eco Net - A project financed by the Austrian Ministry for Foreign Affairs and the Austrian Development Agency

A project financed by the Austrian Ministry for Foreign Affairs and the Austrian Development Agency implemented by KulturKontakt Austria/k-education office Skopje/Prishtina

- introduction of Training Firm approach in Economic Secondary schools
- transferring theoretical knowledge into practice
- connection real firms with training firms
- preparing pupils for the real labour market
- 10 partner countries


- Project dates: March 2005 to August 2007
- 3 pilot schools in Kosovo/a: ,Ali Hadri'-Peja, 'Ymer Prizreni'-Prizren and 'Faik Konica'-Ferizaj.
- Equipment for 3 training firm room
- Establishment of 18 Training Firms (TF) and a network of TFs
- 25 teachers trained in various fields
- Development of a Curricula for TF work together with MEST
- Participation at national (Prishtina 2007), regional (Skopje 2006) and international TF fairs (Freistadt 2005 and Salzburg 2007)
- Integrated in the ECO NET Network of ten countries with support of the Austrian Service Center ACT & Austrian Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture
- Creation of a web site (
- Two Training Firms took over responsibilities of the Service Center for payments and taxes.


- Project dates: September 2007 to August 2009.
- six pilot schools: ,Ali Hadri'-Peja, 'Ymer Prizreni'-Prizren, 'Faik Konica'-Ferizaj, "Kadri Kusari"-Gjakove; "Isa Boletini"-Podujeve and "Lasgush Poradeci"- Kijeve.
- 36 Training Firms in all schools

- Establishment of a Service Center (together with MEST and Swisscontact)
- Compiling/Adapting the ECO NET handbook for teachers
- Further equipment for TF cabinet of new schools
- Teacher training of already trained teachers and new teachers in economic subjects (accountancy, business plan etc), training firm-related subjects (preparation for fairs, marking of pupil performance etc) and seminars on methodology and quality assurance
- Teacher training for foreign language teachers with focus on the training firm
- Purchase of Business English text books for the schools
- Training of Trainers
- Quality assurance and preparation of quality standards according to ECO NET and Austrian norms
- Organisation of two national fairs in Kosovo/a
- Participation in international fairs (Montenegro, Austria)

07.11.2014 - List of scholarship beneficiary students of Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian community

14.10.2014 - COMPETITION - For allocation of the annual reward “Scientist of the year” and “New Scientist of the year” 2014

02.07.2014 - Hadbook

02.07.2014 - NEWSLETTER


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