Works, duties, and competences

- Pre university Education Administration Department leads the pre university education policies,
- Attends the realization of educational reforms by proposing new approaches for their implementation,
- Drafts the school network for the all pre university education levels,
- Prepares the establishment of the education institutions in harmony with the effective laws and school network,
- Identifies the needs of legal infrastructure for the education institutions,
- Determines the school documents based on the law and education curricula
- Reviews and determines the equivalency and verification of the documents received outside Kosova,
- Determines the calendar for the education year
- Attends the realization of the equal rights for education for the all communities, for a qualitative education in native language
- Creates the conditions for education of the pupils in general education, vocational education and special needs education,
- Coordinates and arranges the works of the Departments, Divisions and Sectors in MEST.
- Coordinates and arranges the works with NGO-s and MEST partners, for the implementation of different projects for education.
- Commits other works as determined by the law and sub legal acts
- Makes the health promotion into schools.

Department for Developing Pre-university Education

Head of the Department Mr. Agim Bërdyna

Department for Developing Pre-university Education consists of these Divisions:

1. Division of Quality Insurance, head of the division Mr. Ramush Lekaj

1. Sector of Curricula
2. Sector of Textbooks and Teaching Means
3. Sector of Trainings
4. Sector of Formal Education and Long-life Learning
5. Sector for the Education in Diaspora

Division of Quality Insurance

This division is dealing with the curricula development for the all pre university education development. It develops and helps the implementation of the curricula reforms. It involves professional persons for the quality insurance in education. It helps and advises educational institutions in the pre university level for the curricula implementation, methodology and evaluation. It also deals, by involving the professional persons, with the school textbooks. Within the division for quality insurance it develops even the teachers’ trainings in service teachers training and those others. Through the professional teachers trainings the possibilities for teachers licensing are being facilitated. Through the long life learning which is organized by this division, Kosova citizens can be better prepared for the labor market and long life, they are offered the increase of performance and professionalism. Through the adult education the Kosovar citizens are given the possibility for training and compensation of wha they have lost due to the specific conditions and circumstances. Ministry of Education, Science and Technology through the sector for education in Diaspora has a better approach for the development of the education in native language for the children outside Kosova.

2. Division for standards and evaluation – head of the division Mr. Mustafë Kadriu

1. Sector for Evaluation
2. Sector for Monitoring
3. Sector for Standards

Division for standards and evaluation

It deals with the evaluation of achievement of pupils. It develops the National Test in the grade fifth and grade nine as we as the Matura test in grade twelve for the four profiles of Gymnasium and the grade thirteen for general Gymnasium and vocational schools. It monitors the curricula implementation and evaluation as well as gives recommendations for the review and improvement of the curricula. It also develops the achievements' standards.

Heads of the divisions do such activities as the heads of the sectors according to the action plan as approved by MEST. The heads of the divisions report to the head of the department for the working results. They successfully implement MEST policies for the development of education reforms and quality insurance. They manage and organize the work for the professional staff training and development and help the organization of the professional teachers' training.

3 representatives

MEST Officer
School Director
Representative from the Non-Formal and Post Secondar Education

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MLSW Officer
Director of the Center for Vocational training

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MTI officer

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