12.05.2010, - E Mërkurë
The MEST is committed for a quality education for children with special needs

Deputy Minister of Education, Agim Hyseni, representative of the Embassy of Finland in Kosovo Ms. Kaisa Rouvinen, and Remzi Salihu, director of MED in Prishtina accompanied by associates visited a comprehensive school "Ismail Qemaili" and Resource Centre "Përparimi".

The visit is conducted within the "Week of Education for children with special needs" which aims to promote comprehensive education, increment of inclusion of children with special educational needs in education and providing a more quality education.

In this occasion, by assisting in a class where were integrated children with special needs Deputy Minister of Education, Agim Hyseni, said that the MEST is committed to create conditions for quality education and equal opportunities for comprehensiveness in education for all. He congratulated children of school I. Qemaili, who with a common ease communicate with their integrated peers who actually have special needs and learn all together.

femijet me nevoja te veqanta

Hyseni encouraged students and teachers for the good example and hard work to the benefit of a proper education for all, especially to children with special needs. Whereas, Ms. Kaisja stressed that the special education in Kosovo has progressed significantly, but it takes a lot of work to have satisfactory results.

Hysnije Jasiqi, director of primary school "Ismail Qemaili" informed that to this institution is also appended the classroom for children with autism. Whereas, since 2009 has been hired also the prof. Saranda Shatri, teacher of comprehensive education, which works with children with special needs who are integrated into regular classes, totally 16 of them.
Deputy Minister Hyseni and Ambassador Kaisa Rouvinen, visited also the (special school) Resource Center, "Përparimi" in Prishtina, where they assisted in classes with students with special needs.

Igballe Potera, director of this school informed senior officials of the MEST and representative of the Embassy of Finland with educational flow in this school where 115full time students from grades 1-9 are enrolled, for education of whom are engaged 21 teachers - pedagogues. Whereas, 39 children with special needs receive services from this school through the" Mobile teacher", which is giving very good results. In this school also 8 students attend preschool education and I can say from my experience that these children then face much easier the regular education - said Ms. Igballe Potera.
Otherwise, the MEST days ago, has set the cornerstone of the new school, Resource Center "Përparimi" which will have the optimal conditions for learning and will have more space for students with special needs.

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