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National and international education experts discussed about Pre-university Education

"Since the Government placed on a high level of its priority, we can say that the Kosovo's education in general, came back on track and the results are evident", said the chairman of Kosovo Assembly Jakup Krasniqi in International Conference on Pre-University Education, whereas Minister Enver Hoxhaj emphasized that Government of Kosovo and Ministry of Education aim to establish an efective system of education, which after all will contribute to economical growth and wich offers better opportunities to all citizens of Kosovo.

International Conference on Pre-University Education gathered in Prishtina many education experts form Kosovo and different countries of world, which have discussed for three days about this level of education. On this occasion, was presented the situation of education in Kosovo, difficulties and challenges, but also were presented many plans to achieve a better quality education. Whereas, there were presented experiences of different international countries, starting from preschool education, primary education, lower secondary education and upper secondary education.
On behalf of Conference Organizing Council, the present were hailed byMr. Nezir Çoçaj,who said that the Conference on Pre-University Education reflects extraordinary contribution for Ministry of Education, Science and Technology and for Kosovo's education.

 "The purpose of this conference is to present good experiences that were done on preparing of students with knowledge, skills and values. This can be achieved through quality education from the preschool education, primary education , lower secondary education and upper secondary education".
The works of conference were hailed by Chairman of Kosovo Assembly Mr.Jakup Krasniqi. He said that most of the population in Kosovo is young, thus the education issue requires high national and social priority. " In the past, the education in Kosovo has never been treated as deserved, consequently our pre-war institutions encountered lots of serious problems in education", stated Krasniqi. Considering the high number of students and the sensitive lack of infrastructure and professional capacities, according to Chairman of Assembly , Mr.Krasniqi, normalization of situation of education in Kosovo requires great financial means, which, the new budget cannot afford.
"Since the Government of Kosovo placed on a high level of its priority, we can say that the Kosovo's education in general came back on the track and the results are evident. In future these results will be higher for sure", said the Chairman of Assembly Mr. Krasiniqi, who emphasized that the Assembly of Kosovo adopted the Modern Legislation for Education, while last year adopted the Milenium Declaration, which gives a special importance to education on its development objectives.

krueparlamentari Jakup Krasniqi

Minister of Education, Mr.Enver Hoxhaj emphasized that the quality and power of a country depends on its people's quality. "In the time that we are living, the economic power of one country doesn't depend on its size, by the number of its habitants, or by other preconditions, but it depends on human capital or on his people. Therefore, the government of Kosovo and ministry of Education aim to establish an effectice system of education, which above everything contributes to economic growth and which offers better oppurtinities for all citizens of the country". For Government of Kosovo, said the Minister, investements in the field of education in three levels:Primary, secondary and higher level remain amongst main priorities.
Kosovo, except advantages and other characteristics is known also for its youngest population in Europe, therefore the investments in the field of education are investments not only in new generation, but are investments in motor- power that will build and develop Kosovo, said Minister Hoxhaj. He said that for a small country like Kosovo, that what is offered to our citizens must be equal be it in the village or in the city.
Minister Hoxhaj mentioned many acheivements in Kosovar education during these two last years as: drafting of new Curriculum, providing of texbooks for free, the raising of teachers salary, starting of a teachers licensing process and many other achievements.

"During this year we have established the National Council for Kosovo Curricula, Kosovo Teacher Licensing Council, Parents Commitee, whcih we think should be stronger owner of education precesses".
Minister Hoxhaj expressed the concern about school abondonment by students. He said that during this two years MEST has decreased the figures of this fenomenom, but he emphasized that " the abondonment of school is still a concern and children with special needs, which is our focus as a Ministry, still don't have the necessary support because of the capacity of budget limit".
Minister of Education mentioned the drafting of strategy for scurity in schools, because as he said , we are intersted that except having healthy, quality schools we want to have also safe schools.
Whereas, Minister Hoxhaj amongst others epmhasized the expending of school space by building of many new schools throughout the country. Whereas Minister Hoxhaj emphasized that it will reamin a first hand priority how to link primary and secondary education with labor market needs.

konferenca AP

First day of conference

First day presentations of conference were focused mainly in develpment and perspectives of Pre-University Education and new curricula on which is still working.
Pre -University Education System was one of the themes discussed on the first day of Conference, on which presented Mr Alush Istogu, Director of Department of Pre University Education in MEST, and Mr. Agim Berdyna, Director of Department of Pre-University development.
Whereas, about National Curriculum development and revision in function of quality improvement in education, spoke Mr. Sabri Tahiri, Head of Kosovo National Curriculum Council.
During the conference there was also a presentation by Mr. Ndriçim Mehmeti about Euro-atlantic integration in Pre-University Curriculum.

The presentation of Mr. David Rovlle rose an interest to many participants, who spoke about international experiences on development and changes of curricula and textbooks.
For evaluation standards of textbooks spoke Ms.Hajrie Devetaku, whereas Mr. Nehat Mustafa spoke about teachers licensing and accreditation of programs, concerns that give new opportunities.
Determination of national standards in education and standards of achievements was presented by Mr. Mustaf Kadriu. Whereas a presentation that provoked a debate as well was the presentation of Mr. Dukagjin Popovci who spoke about evaluation as an instrument for performance measurment and results of education system as parameters and opportunities for education advancement.

gjate prezantimit David Royle

Whereas, a professor from Albania Mr. Fatmir Bezati, stopped at comparative study of factors that affect in pleasure of teachers profession of other countries to ones of teachers of Pre-university education in Albania.

Second day of Conference

Interesting presentation were presented also in second day of International Conference on Pre- University Education, which started with presentation of Ms. Lulavere Behluli on theme: "Comprehensiveness in education and learning opportunities for all". In this presentation with a special emphasis was presented the Kosovo's condition in comrehensivness education for children with special needs.
Ms. Merita Jonuzi in her presentation " Children rights and freedom" said that in Kosovo is proceeded according to principles of International Convention on Children Rights. Whereas she emphasized that it is worrisome the fact that in our country is continuing the school abondonment.

Labërie Luzha presented the theme "Current situation in preschool education in Kosovo", where she expressed a concern about the low involvement of children in preschool education, as well as the lack of a proper staff regarding preschool education that includes ages zero to three years old.
James Robert Adrian Williams reporesentative from organization Save The Children-Great Britain brought to this conference interesting experiences of comprehensiveness in European Countries.
Ms. Enesa Kadiq spoke about the achievements and difficulties in inclusion of communities in education, whereas Mr. Adrian Marsh another representative from organization Save the Children from Sweden while talking about education of communities Roma Ashkali Egyptian (RAE) he epmhasized the difficulties that this comunity has faced and the posibilities to support their education.
Mr.Bajram Beqiri, Head of Kosovo Parents Comittee presented some achievemnts and plans about parents and comunity involvment in education system.
Ms.Leonora Shala made a presentation on healthy schools, who spoke about the important document published long time ago " Strategy for health promotion schools (2009-2018)".
Whereas, Mr.Nuhi Gashi spoke about learning of Albanian language in Diaspora.
Mr. Emir Buzov and Mr. Alija Tuna from ISSA spoke about the importance of policies in early education, respectivelly the investment in early childhood.


Third day of conference

Students Vocational Education and Training and preparation for labor market was the theme that Ms. Valbona Mjeku spoke about in the third day of International Conference on Pre-University Education .
Whereas, Ms. Berta Hamza was focused in international experiences on Vocational education, whereas Ms. Radica Berisha spoke about informal education and Long Life Learning. On third and last day of this Conference were made recommendatios and suggestions of four working groups, when each of them made an individual presentation at the end of the conference about the change or regulation of work in this level of education in Kosovo.
Ms. Shqipe Gashi presented the work for the first working group, on theme" Development of National Curriculum and review in function of quality improvement in education". She said that this group was focused in proposals about Curriculum Framework, which, according to the group, should be in line with Law on Pre-University Education.
Whereas, regarding integration of learning subjects within lower secondary school, the group epmhasiezed the fear of lacking the personnel on this level, since the faculty of Education provides preparations only in two learning branches.
Whereas, for the fifth grade one teacher is not ready to teach several subjects.

Second working group had the theme "Evaluation as an instrument of performance and results of education system as parameters and opportunities for education advancement". By presenting the work of this group, Mr. Mustaf Kadriu emphasized the importance of evaluation process. This group, amongst others, has recommended for harmonization of regulations and Laws and their enforcement to be done.
Whereas the third group worked on theme "Comprehensiveness in education and learning opportunities for all", this group also gave its recommendations toward improvement of situation, especially for children with special needs.
Group four had as a working theme" Students vocational education and training and preparation for labor market as well as adult education".

 konferenca AP

Closing of conference

International Conference on Pre-University Education raised the interest of many experts of different fields. The participation of interested people during three days of this conference was very high.
At the end, Mr. Adem Sallauka- MEST Permanent Secretary thanked the present, which closed the conference on behalf of Minister of Education Mr. Enver Hoxhaj. He said that the presentations made were also new paths but also an explanation on how the Pre-University education in Kosovo will be developed.
Having thanked all participants for their contribution given to this conference, he committed on behalf of Ministry that will be intensively worked on to achieve the objectives for development and continuous increase of education's quality in Kosovo.


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