17.05.2012, - E Enjte
Magnificent celebration in Prizren for promotion of “the common ABC-book” Albania-Kosova

High leaders of two states Albania and Kosova, many citizens, teachers and students have made magnificent the celebration of promotion of "the common ABC-book" Albania-Kosova. Was selected precisely the historic city of Prizren to enter also in the newest history of the Albanian people for the fact that have experienced the emotions of the big dream for "the common ABC-book". As well, was chosen exactly 100 anniversary of the independence of Albania, to be marked with this great event.

Sports Centre "Sezai Surroi" in Prizren was small to occupy all those who came from all Albanian territories to experience this event and to be close witness of the ABC-book celebration that will be used by all Albanians wherever they live.

In this celebration was also present the President of Kosova, Atifete Jahjaga, Prime Minister of Albania Sali Berisha, Prime Minister of Kosova Hashim Thaqi, Minister of Education of Albania Myqerem Tafaj and of course Minister of Education of Kosova Rame Buja (who was also the major figure in the common ABC-book), cabinet ministers from both countries, members of Parliament, representatives of organization emerged from the war, representatives of Jashari family, Rifat Jashari and many personalities from public life.

Even the most vociferous did not miss: students, especially the younger ones, who will have the fate to be the first generation that will learn with the new ABC-book. Besides childish beauty, they made grandiose this celebration with their appearance. Some wore red shirts that symbolize the flag of Albania and some others with blue shirts that symbolize the flag of Kosova. Their shirts had the inscription "Happy the celebration of ABC-book".

Minister of Education, Science and Technology, Rame Buja said: "ABC-book is done, we are promoting it today, with lot of grandiosity, respect, consideration and love and with unwavering faith that it will live long". Minister mentioned also difficulties that have encountered in this initiative. "When we started it, was not easy at neither I nor the Minister Tafaj and even those who consistently dealt with this issue. Furthermore, there are also those who thought that this was the work that could not be done. But, support of Prime Ministers Berisha and Thaqi made us not to know any obstacles", he said.

Minister Buja emphasized that this book is made for all Albanian geography because he said that all we characterizes a language, a history and a culture. But, he said that we would not stop here. "We started from the first book to continue with new projects that advance us in education and science", said minister Buja.

Prime Minister of Kosova, Hashim Thaqi has assessed the common ABC-book as basic book of culture and as an historical achievement, while said that this event is being marked in the spiritual capital city of Albanians and that in the jubilee year of 100 anniversary of independence of Albania. "This is a victory for all Albanians. This achievement can only be made by a free and civilized people", he emphasized.

Prime Minister Thaqi spoke also for history of making Albania an independent state and making of the first Albanian ABC-book and those that came after. "Today when we are promoting the common ABC-book, Kosova has entered in the thirteenth year of liberation and in the fifth year of its independence. Kosova has a bright future in the European Union. This is ABC-book of freedom, democracy, of European Kosova, European Albania and European Albanians. This achievement is results of our century efforts", said the first executive of Kosova.

While, Prime Minister of Albania, Sali Berisha thanked both ministers of education for realization of common ABC-book, which he called "book of all books". "ABC-book has made a century path to come into your hands", he told to many children in the sports hall, and invited ministers Buja and Tafaj to lead in this path. "Dear children, the book that you are taking today is the newest ABC-book that is published in Albanian territories, but it, along with letters, illustrations, carries old dreams of many generations of Albanians, carries sacrifices of Albanians from Scanderbeg to the liberation wars, carries the ideal of Albanians...", he said.

Prime Minister Berisha said that this ABC-book is the pearl of crown of the 100 anniversary of independence of Albania and emphasized that there was no possibility that the event to be better celebrated than with a common ABC-book. "Today we are more determined than ever to work for our unity in Europe", said Prime Minister of Albania.

After, President Jahjaga, Prime Ministers Berisha and Thaqi, ministers Tafaj and Buja figuratively made the reveal of letters and for some toddlers were also distributed the common ABC-book Albania-Kosova, which is the job of co-authors from both states, Mimoza Xhokutaj and Shezai Rrokaj from Albania, and Saranda Pozhegu and Islam Krasniqi from Kosova.


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