12.08.2008, - E Martë
The Memorandum of Understanding between MEST and three municipalities for the financing of schools is signed.

The pilot-project on the direct financing of schools is drafted by the Institutional Development of Education (MEST project, which is financed by the World Bank). The memorandum of Understanding today is signed by the deputy Minister of Education, Science and Technology, Mr. Agim Hyseni, Head of the Municipality of Gjilan, Mr. Qemajl Mustafa, Head of the Municipality of Kaçanik, Xhabir Zharku and Head of the Municipality of Burimi (Istog), Mr. Fadil Ferati.

When talking on behalf of MEST, the deputy minister Mr. Agim Hyseni said that the school is being considered as a foundation, by all the teachers and benevolent people of education not only for the education system, but for the whole society in preparing the future citizens. “With the aim to increase and develop the school autonomy, transparency and democratic participation, the more efficiet and effective managing of the public finances as well as the increase of quality in education, we have drafted this Memorandum of Understanding with these three municipalities with the aim to directly involve the schools in drafting and realization of the development projects”, said Mr. Hyseni. Furthermore, he added that the aim of the direct financing of the school is to give more autonomy for the schools, mainly in the process taking-decision, use of the resources and with the aim to improve the quality for the beneficiaries, especially students and parents.

This project is focused in the institutional development of schools within the pilot municipalities, increasing the ability of MED directors, schools` rights and managerial staff to manage in the effective manner the financial resources. This approach reflects in itself higher transparency in the budget division for schools as well as greater responsibilities in the budget planning and managing.

On behalf of the beneficiaries, head of the municipality of Kacanik, Xhabir Zharku talked for the importance of the project and their commitment for the cooperation in this project; he also thanked MEST and World Bank.

Xhafer Ahmeti, project coordinator”Institutional Education Development “during the signing ceremony, talked for the project in general, and especially for the importance of correctness for the financing of education system in Kosova.

At the event of the signing ceremony of this Memorandum of Understanding there were present a lot of high officials of MEST and Municipalities, MED directors and World Bank representatives. The pilot-project on the direct financing of schools is drafted by the Institutional Education Development (MEST project which is financed by the World Bank).

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