Kosovo Center for International Cooperation in Higher Education, Science and Technology Development - KCIC-HE&RTD


-   Promote and facilitate the cooperation, standardization, mobility, overcome cultural barriers in communication and exchange in the field of higher education at the international level, build research capacity, promote the European programmes, etc;

-   Promote Kosovo as a destination for education and scientific research, meanwhile to serve also as an advisor in the field of internalization of higher education, science and technology;


-   Stimulate the international cooperation and create the cooperation networks with the international partners in the field of education, science and technology including the higher education and other centers, offices or similar agencies to our center;
-   Insufficient or missing completely;
-   Joint operation and cooperation in various projects with the institutions outside Kosova aiming in particular to support the cooperation in the innovative projects in the research field;
-   Support the students for education abroad and also support in drafting the strategies and creating a perspective to them for return in Kosovo in order to stop the exportation of qualified young people;
-   Establishment of NCP (National Contact Point) for International Programmes and Projects as the 7th Framework for Research and Technological Development (FP7);

Head of KCIC-HE&RTD:
Bujar Gallopeni
038 211 924

Administrative Officer in KCIC-HE&RTD:
Shpresa Mehmeti
Tel: 038 212 182